Exhibition Reviews

MOMUS. Salvatore Scarpitta – Traveller (2014).

Frieze Magazine. All Beneath the Moon Decays (2014).

esse arts + opinions. Eva Kotátková (2014).

Magenta Magazine. Getting Rid of Ourselves (2014).

esse arts + opinions webzine. Penelope Stewart – Vanitas (2014).

Magenta MagazineKelly Jazvac – PARK (2014).

esse arts + opinions. Elise Rasmussen – Finding Ana (2013).

Magenta MagazineLauri Astala – On Disappearance (2013).

Frieze Writer’s Prize. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller - Lost in the Memory Palace (2013).

Journal of Curatorial StudiesRashid Johnson – Message to our Folks (2012).

esse arts + opinionsTasman Richardson – Necropolis (2012).

PUBLIC. Through the Lens of the Coach House Press (2011).


On Rural Exhibitions: Their Gambit and Their Trope. MOMUS (2014).

Cyclorama. Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2014).

Invisible. Karsh-Masson Gallery (2014).

What Was Will Be/Yellow Font Forest Green. Gallery 44 (2013).

Land Marks. Thames Art Gallery (2013).

Book Reviews

Journal of Curatorial StudiesThe Story of Irish Museums (2012).